Saturday, 1 December 2012

Get that second look

The world of publishing is changing every day. Many authors are now moving away from the older ways and become entrepreneurs, taking on as many aspects of their own career as possible--agent, promoter, even publisher. Yet, with all the changes there's one thing that hasn't changed. Readers expect a clean and coherent manuscript, a professional product.

What new authors in particular sometimes don't realize is that editors at publishing houses expect the same thing. With all the pressures being put on publishers, editors rarely have the time or inclination to take on projects that necessitate protracted work and many rounds of editing. With the need for quick turnover and efficiency, they're looking for the cleanest manuscripts possible.

The job of editor for their own books is one many authors are inclined to take on too, but it's one that very few can do well. It's hard to see what is actually on the page, rather than what we think we've written; hard to recognize the words we overuse, echoes, homophones and sentences that actually say something other than what we envisioned.

That's where we freelancers come in. We're the second set of eyes on your manuscript, the people who take the time to learn the nuances of grammar and style and help take your manuscript to the next level.
While my main focus is on grammar and line editing, my rates also include low-level content editing, where I will make note of any questions regarding continuity, pacing and story line. I've built this charge into my rates because I know from experience I can't see issues such as those and not make some mention of them.