"Thank you Ann!  You saved my novel from disappearing into a black-hole of misspellings and poor grammar.  Thanks to your timely intervention my novel is now listed in the Amazon top twenty, Science-Fiction and Fantasy!"
Mike Smith
The Last Praetorian: Book One of The Redemption Trilogy
The Sunfire: Book Two of The Redemption Trilogy

"Anya Richards is an amazing editor. I was so worried when my previous editor couldn’t edit my latest novel, but she recommended Anya with high praises. Anya couldn’t have impressed me more. She was as diligent and meticulous as my previous editor, but the real bonus came when I found out she was an expert in American Revolutionary War clothing. She caught so many errors and smoothed many problem sentences. Do not hesitate to use her. She will only improve your work and she is a pleasure to work with. I will use her for all of my projects going forward."
Lauren Waters

"I loved working with Anya Richards! From the moment I contacted Anya I found her to be easy to work with, experienced, receptive to my needs, and very professional. And it only got better when she actually edited my novel. Not only was I impressed with her speed and level of communication throughout the process, but her editing work itself was terrific! I really believed Anya helped tighten and improve my novel and I'm getting ready to line her up for my next trilogy!"
Muffi Beyer

Anya absolutely delivers. Her editorial notes are consistently spot on, useful and direct, and she stands by her work. She's a talented editor I can count on to look at my stories with an honest, critical eye. I'm grateful for her professionalism and generosity and will keep sending more her way.
Felice Fox
It's Just Sext Series

Anya goes through my work with a fine tooth comb. Her critiques and edits are well thought out and extremely helpful, always making the story better. I depend and count on her and she never lets me down.
Cristal Ryder
President, Passionate Ink