Q: I don't write romances. Will you be able to help me?

A: Yes. While romance is the genre I write in, it certainly isn't my only interest. Also, issues of grammar transcend genre!

Q: What exactly is included in your fee?

A: For synopses I will make corrections to grammar, syntax etc., make suggestions of how to shorten the document and ask any questions I think will help you most effectively and concisely elucidate your story. I offer one pass only for the fee. If you make substantive changes and wish me to take another look, we can discuss a discount. For writing synopses, I would have to read the story in its entirety to be able to compose an effective synopsis.

For manuscript editing I offer one comprehensive pass. Additional editing can be negotiated at a reduced, flat rate, depending on the amount of changes that have been made. If I start a job and realize it has been misrepresented to me (e.g. I'm told there have been only a few small changes, but realize there has been substantial alteration to the manuscript) I will contact the client and discuss the matter before proceeding.

Q: Can I send you my printed manuscript for editing?

A: Unfortunately no. All editing will be done electronically, using track changes in Word. Please send manuscripts in RTF if you use a Mac.

Q: Will you guarantee publication?

A: No. My job is to help you produce the cleanest manuscript I can. The decision of whether it will be accepted by whichever house you choose to send it to lies with the editor reading your submission.

Q: You're a writer too. Will you steal my ideas?

A: No. Besides being a person of high ethical standards, I have a vast number of my own stories to tell. I've had critique partners and clients requesting editing for a number of years and never had even a hint of a complaint regarding plagiarism.

Q: What is your turnaround time? How long will the process take?

A: I answer all emails within 24 hours. The length of time it will take to actually complete the requested work depends on the length of the manuscript and my current work load. Once I have received the manuscript I will give a firm estimate on when the client can expect to have the edits back to them. Periodically I will post current wait times. I operate on a first come, first served basis, although I will try to fit smaller projects, such as synopses, in between larger ones.

Q: How can I pay you?

A: I accept PayPal. For synopses, the entire payment due must be paid prior to work being completed. When I am close to completing the project I will inform the client and payment can be made at that point. For manuscript editing half the total balance is due at the time of acceptance of the project. The remainder must be paid before delivery of the completed edit.

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